Adventure Awaits Us.

After ten months of dating long-distance, Sarah found a job & an apartment in Boone, NC, and we finally lived in the same city. In excitement for this new adventure, she decorated a little piece of cardboard with the words “adventure awaits us!

The next day, we took a spontaneous trip to Florida to help our friend with their recent adoption. We stuck this little piece of cardboard on the car’s dash, and “adventure awaits us” quickly became the motto of our trip.

As we posted photos during the trip, we always used the tag #AdventureAwaitsUs, so we could catalog these ongoing memories.  But it didn’t stop there. Once we got home, we kept using that tag anytime we posted a photo about our lives, and now the gallery has over 150 photos.

Browse the growing #AdventureAwaitsUs gallery.

Adventures aren’t confined to spontaneous road trips & mountaintop sunsets. We love both of these, but we’ve also learned that you can find adventure in both the big & the small, the extravagant & the humble, the joyful & the terrifying.

And the nature of hashtags is that anyone can use them. So when you click on the link above, you’ll notice that the photos aren’t exclusively from our adventures.

We love it this way.

We want our new life together to be one that invites other into these adventures. So as you find adventure in the exciting and mundane, add this tag to your pictures. We’ll continue to do the same, and what a story we will tell together!

Yours in adventure,